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November 18th, 2009

New record deal, album out very soon

After the rupture with Det Germanske Folket label, BRAN BARR finally found
an agreement with German label
TROLLZORN for the release of the new album
"Sidh". The CD will be released in February 2010.

December 14th, 2008

Two CD's released in 2009

2009 will be quite an active year for BRAN BARR which will release 2 new CD's on DGF label.
The second album
"Sidh" is due to release in the beginning of the year.
Besides, the re-recorded version of the debut album
"Les Chroniques de Naerg"
shall be released a few months later.

July 1st, 2008

New label  & line-up update

BRAN BARR announce cooperation with German label Det Germanske Folket
for the next 4 albums.
The new album
"Sidh" will be released in 2nd half of 2008.

Ahes has joined the Clan on violin. She will take part to the re-recording of the
debut album scheduled for Summer/Fall 2008.


March 15h, 2008

First album back in stock, new album to come out before the Summer

"Les Chroniques de Naerg" our debut album is back in stock.
You can order it via Paypal, click here to order.

The release date of "Sidh" will be announced very soon, it is scheduled for mid 2008.


December 18th, 2007

Pictures of the concert in Paris, new record deal to be announced

The pictures of our show at the Cernunnos Fest in Paris are available on our Myspace,
 click here to see the pictures... A video will be uploaded as well very soon...

BRAN BARR is about to sign a contract with a European label for
the release of the long-awaited second album
More details in the coming weeks...


October 11th, 2007

Concert in Paris, December 2007

Finally here are some news about BRAN BARR...
The band will be back on stage on December 16th, 2007 in Paris (Locomotive).
The "Sidh" new album is due to release for this date.

Please note that we have also our Myspace page, complete and updated.



September 13th, 2006

New album mixed

After so many months, our new album is finally mixed.
The band will start searching for a new label to release this new CD entitled "Sidh".

Some sound samples will be available in the coming weeks, so stay tuned !


March 6th, 2006

Live pictures

Some pictures of the show in Eindhoven are available here.


January 17th, 2006

Recording of the new album still in progress - New concerts announced

BRAN BARR is still working on the recording of "Sidh" new album.
If the wait has been long before the band enters the studio, everybody (you and us)
will have to wait some more weeks before listening to the final version of this new album. 
But please be patient you fans from all parts of the world. 
The time will come very soon !

New concerts announcement, the band will play live in :
Eindhoven (Effenaar) on February 12th : with Grimm, Heidevolk, Thronar and Heol Telwen 
Paris (le Klub) on February 19th : with Aes Dana and Melwosia

October 4th, 2005

Amorgen leaves BRAN BARR - New concerts announced

After 7 years in BRAN BARR, Amorgen decided to stop her cooperation with
the band. Despite her departure which occured several months ago, she recently
recorded her bombarde and flute sessions on the
"Sidh" new album... Kraban is
now the full-time flutist of

The band will play live in Paris on November 12th 2005 (the return in town afrer
3 years of silence) and in
Gießen (Germany) on November 18th & 19th 2005...
More details about these concerts in the coming weeks.

September 11th, 2005

The band still working on the new album - Concert in Germany in November

BRAN BARR is still working on the recording of "Sidh".
The new album will be mixed and mastered this Autumn.

The band will play on November 19th 2005 in Gießen, Germany
(with Odroerir and Menhir)... more details soon.


June 7th, 2005

The new album still in process

The first ten days of recording went off quite well and the band will finish the
recording sessions during the month of June.

You can see some photos of the first sessions here.


May 25th, 2005

BRAN BARR enters the studio

Finally, here we are : the band will be in the Hybreed Studio (Paris) during 10 days to
record the
"Sidh" album...

Some pictures from the recording sessions will be uploaded in the coming days.



February 13th, 2005

BRAN BARR has reformed

We are now back in the rehearsal room and are working on the new album "Sidh" to be
recorded before the Summer...

Fir Doirtche (guitar) left the band and was replaced by Llyr.